Shaker Museum Benefit Box Project

Pamela Salisbury Gallery is proud to partner with Shaker Museum on a project to benefit the Museum which is building a new home in Chatham, NY. This initiative engages visual artists to reimagine the iconic Shaker oval box. As part of the project, each participating artist is given an authentic reproduction of a Shaker oval box made by local woodworker Peter Forward. The artists are then tasked with creating a unique artwork using the box as their point of departure. 
For their original piece, Lilly and Rose, Chie Fueki and Joshua Marsh use silk screen and acrylic on mulberry paper. These materials speak to the work in Chie and Josh’s show at Pamela Salisbury Gallery, Behind Closed Eyes, for which the couple created “works on paper that allow seeing to emerge from a process of engaging with materials, as opposed to empirical observation.”
The exhibition and box are on view during Upstate Art Weekend, Thursday, July 21 through Sunday July 23, 2023, alongside five other exhibitions at the gallery!
Barbara Takenaga‘s original shaker box, Reservoir, is also on view alongside her show through July 23. Takenaga’s box is emblematic of her systemic approach to painting, informed by her background as a printmaker.
Please inquire via email for additional information and to buy or bid!
50% of the proceeds will go directly to Shaker Museum
40% of the proceeds will go to the artist
10% of the proceeds will go to PSG for administrative purposes
Placed boxes include Elliott Green‘s Ascension, 2023, and Lothar Osterburg‘s Shaker Box Full of Chairs, 2023!

Installed on the 2nd floor of the gallery’s historic Carriage House, Lothar Osterburg’s solo exhibition, The Long Way In, included recent sculpture and photogravures. For the “Shaker Museum Benefit Box Project,” Osterburg created a glimpse into the Shaker world in miniature form. A glass lens mounted in the side of the box enabled viewers to discover the Shaker interior within. Diminutive Shaker-style chairs, peg rails, and a broomcrafted by the artist, define the simple beauty of a Shaker inspired room.