Steve Bartlett

One By One
July 29, 2023   -   August 27, 2023

When starting a piece I look back at what I’ve done recently, decide on an idea, and just get going. I’ve always worked very directly, in a piece by piece way, from the surface or ground up. Sometimes I’ll do a simple sketch but many times not. So there’s not a lot of planning, just myself and the material, working together having a conversation. I never really know how a work may turn out but generally feel that if there’s nothing nagging me about the piece then it’s done.

– Steve Bartlett

Steve Bartlett (WV, 1961) has shown mostly on the West and East Coasts since graduating with a B.A. in Studio Art from Kenyon College in Gambier, OH in 1984. His sculpture is in the collections of the Zillman Art Museum, The Port of San Diego, City of Los Altos CA, City of Oakland CA, corporate collections, and numerous private collections. Since moving to Maine from California in 2014, Steve has shown at The Zillman Art Museum, Portland Museum of Art, Icon Contemporary Art, Fred Giampietro Gallery, and Pamela Salisbury Gallery in 2021.