Maud Bryt

Here I'll Show You
June 27, 2020   -   July 26, 2020

Watercolors for me are a meditation which involves intense looking and feeling. I have a kit of colors, a couple of brushes in a cloth, a water bottle, an empty container, paper towels, and some sheets of paper. I can bring this kit anywhere and have found it possible to work wherever I go, any time of day or night, indoors or out, among people or by myself, at home and away.

I have always felt the inadequacy of photos to bring home ideas and feelings from trips, as the images always seem too full of information and too distant, the colors inaccurate to how they seemed.  Watercolors are good both to record and to evoke mass, color, and feeling. They require little setup and do not disturb those around me. 

I use watercolors in a non-traditional way, sometimes thick, oftentimes wiping out and blotting. I let the water pool, I let the drying show.  I use my fingers. I use very few colors, mixing my own greens, grays, and earth tones.

What matters is the leap to really look, to be open, to see and to feel, and to allow that to come through in the paint, water, and paper. —— Maud Bryt, June 2020


Maud Bryt’s Here I’ll Show You is a large series of new watercolors made on site in Budapest, Rome, the province of Tamil Nadu,  East Hampton, and Sag Harbor. Bryt’s sculpture and paintings have been shown in the US, Great Britain, and France, with recent installations at the John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY, and  Norte Maar’s “Counterpointe 8” in Brooklyn.  Maud organized “ColorSculpture,” a group exhibition at New York Studio School’s space in DUMBO, and contributes to and is on the Editorial Board of A graduate of Harvard University and the MFA program at the New York Studio School, the artist lives and works in New York City and East Hampton.