Lothar Osterburg

The Long Way In
April 8, 2023   -   June 18, 2023

Lothar Osterburg is a German-born, New York-based artist and master printer in intaglio, who works in sculpture, photography, printmaking and video. He is best known for photogravures featuring rough small-scale models of rustic structures, water and air vessels, and imaginary cities, staged in evocative settings and photographed to appear life-size to disorienting, mysterious or whimsical effect. New York Times critic Grace Glueck writes that Osterburg’s rich-toned, retro prints “conjur[e] up monumental phenomena by minimal means”; Judy Pfaff describes his work as thick with film noir–like atmosphere, warmth, reverie, drama and timelessness.

Photogravure in Art: Studio Visit with Lothar Osterburg

Discover the inspiration and techniques behind Lothar Osterburg’s art in this exclusive studio visit. Music composed by Elizabeth Brown. Performed by the Momenta Quartet & Elizabeth Brown on Theremin.