Chris Bartlett

1980s Street and Landscape Photography
March 9, 2024   -   April 7, 2024

“Starting shortly after I arrived in New York City in the fall of 1981 and continuing for about 10 years, I expressed my personal vision through street photography. I carried my camera everywhere in search of the quiet moments where the subject was isolated in the context of the space around them. I sought to capture the beauty of the mundane commonalities that briefly appear as visual synchronicities.”

– Chris Bartlett

Chris Bartlett is a photographer living in the Hudson Valley, NY whose decades long personal practice includes portraiture, documentary/social justice, conceptual still life, street and landscape photography. His social justice projects have focused on Iraqi former detainees, Burmese dissidents and former political prisoners, and U.S. military assault victims. His portraits have been used for advocacy by the United Nations in Geneva, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Protect Our Defenders. He has exhibited at Open Society Foundation’s Moving Walls, Houston Fotofest, Hamburg Triennial, and been interviewed by the BBC, NPR, Canadian Public Radio, and Al Jazeera among others. Chris is also a commercial still life photographer in New York City in the fashion, beauty, and luxury goods industries.